Is Skating Really Better Than Jogging?

Jogging is a favorite morning activity for many people. It is a great way to stay fit and maintain the desired body weight, be in the great shape and simply be stress free. Since running greatly affects the clarity of mind, runners are calm and positive people. The positive influence is very visible. However, running also has some negative effects on the body. The soles are in the first line of defense, but bones and joints also greatly after years of jogging. Great alternative to jogging is skating.

Have more fun

While jogging is more for loners who want to have a little time for themselves, skating is mostly performed in groups. It adds a touch of fun to this very useful and exciting activity. You will burn the same number of calories, if not more, but your bones and joints won’t suffer as much. Skateboard or skates will absorb at least half of the impact at each landing. If you think about it, this is a great way to maintain your health as long as possible, while still be able to enjoy being active and fit. You will be able to stay longer and endure more, which translates into more calories burned and better definition of muscles. Some researches show that if you skate for an hour, you may burn up to 550 calories if you add a little bit more speed to it.

jogging and skatiing

Keep your heart healthy

Any activity is good for the health of the heart. There is greater blood flow and the heart rate goes up to 145 pm. Regular activity will lower the blood pressure, lower the cholesterol level and of course make you feel better. Spending time skating and enjoying a good time with friends will release oxytocin which will make your mood better and you will feel better in general. Active people are never nervous, since all the stress melts down with each minute when engaged in the favorite activity.

Strengthen muscles

Many positions that skaters make tighten the core muscles and make a skater much stronger than before. It is not something to be overlooked. The goal of engaging in any sport is just that – increasing the performance of our own body. In time, you may start challenging yourself, but at first – take it slow. Let your body adjust to it.

Besides all of these general benefits, there is also one more that is more than important – coordination. Skating helps the person, especially children at a younger age, to maintain balance and improve their coordination. Each time you spend skating, you will notice that you are becoming better at coordinating your moves and learning how your body behaves. This comes handy in all kinds of situation. Not only you will have fun, but you will also notice that your performance goes one step further. Push your limits in a very interesting way and enjoy many, many benefits of skating! Find a friend that shares your passion and start enjoying together.


How Skating In The Skate Park Improves Fitness

When you imagine skating, you probably might visualize an individual on roller blades, walking across the sidewalks and boardwalks around the skating.

At least, that’s what you see in movies, right? However, the reality is that skating can be done virtually anywhere, even in your local community provided the terrain is good enough. It is not only a fun activity but also has great and plenty of health benefits including body fitness.

In this article, I am going to talk about how skating helps improve your fitness. Here are some of the ways skating improve fitness.Skate fitness training

  1. Skating Is As Great As A Training Exercise

Skating is similar to running or jogging with regards to health improvements and calorie intake, lowering of excess fat, and development of healthy legs. So should you be looking for an exercise to help keep you fit and in good shape throughout the off-season, grab a pair of roller skates and get on the move.

  1. Skating Builds Strength

Skating aids in building strength, especially in the muscle tissues of the lower body. The hip, thigh, butt and calf muscles work together throughout skating to push you forward and maintain stability. More powerful muscles as well as better coordination work in hand to avert injuries and keep you fit as you age.

  1. Weight Loss

The buildup of calories and fats in your body will result in an increase in weight which at times leads to obesity even to sports personalities. However, skating helps promote weight loss by burning fats and calories as well as toning body muscles, which will shed more unhealthy calories than fat within their resting status.

According to research, roller skating for about 30 minutes three times per week can get rid of up to 750 calories in that week and facilitate weight loss which in turn helps to keep you fit. And talking about losing weight, taking well proven fat burning pills like those reviewed on phenq vs phen375 weight-loss supplements with worldwide reputation for female and male folks is very helpful.

  1. Skating Increases Muscle Endurance.

Apart from enhancing muscle strength, skating also aids in boosting muscle endurance. By performing a few uphill climbs to each of your skating programs trains the muscles, together with your heart, to utilize the body’s energy stores more efficiently. As you continue skating and building the endurance capability, you become fit, and this means you can perform specific activities for a much longer time or distances without being fatigued.

  1. Skating Releases Stress

Skating, as an engaging, as it is, is an enjoyable approach to exercise and reduce pressure. As you make your way across the skating park, it becomes a thrilling moment to clear your mind of anything that has been bothering you for some time or even enjoying ample time with your friends and family. As your physical fitness improves, your mental fitness also improves as you focus entirely, react to the changing surroundings and promote self-confidence.

There are numerous ways in which skating can help improve your fitness apart from the above mention ways. It is therefore essential that you practice skating if you want to improve your physical and mental fitness in a much more enjoyable way.