Guide on Building a Skateboard Ramp the Simple Way

If you are thinking of making your own simple skateboard ramp, then here are some general guides to make one:

Conceptualize your ramp

First things first, before dwelling on the technical aspect of your simple ramp, you must first conceptualize ramp you want, particularly what style. Find a place where you want your ramp to be and decide for yourself what kind of ramp you want in accordance for your space.

Quarter-pipe ramps, vert ramps, mini-ramps, and half-pipes are just some of the ramps you may want to consider putting in your space. There are a lot more kinds of ramps to choose from and the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Design Your Ramp

Next up is to design your ramp and this is where the technical things come into play. Creating a ramp may require precise blueprints and precise instruments which means that if you have no background or experience in planning and engineering structures then you amy have a hard time doing this.

Fear not however because there are a lot of tutorials out there that can help you design these things. Furthermore, if you have connections to architects or engineers perhaps yu can ask for a skateboard ramps

Buy the necessary Materials

You’ve conceptualized and you’ve turned your ideas into paper so the next thing to do is to prepare for creating the ramp itself. Before heading on to the workshop and getting your hands dirty, you have to buy the necessary materials first.

Based on your ramp design, you should be able to buy the right materials that you’ll need such as the plywood, nails, and others. Furthermore, the necessary tools should also be used.

Ask/Hire Someone to Help You

Finally, before making the ramp itself, make sure that you’ll have the right people to help you. If you are experienced in building wood works like the ramp then all you may need is a trustee assistant.

On the other hand, if you cannot call yourself an expert in the job then you may need to call one to give you a hand. But if you think you can do it yourself confidently, then by all means, do it but with extreme caution and precision.

These four things are just general guides and outlines to help you with your work. There are more things to consider when making your simple ramp so be sure to do your homework and just prioritize your safety over anything.

5 Best Skate Parks in California to Visit

Skateboarding started to develop in California in the middle of the last century. Now is a business worth millions of dollars. Even though it has been popularized around the world, still the heart and soul of this sport are right here, in California. If you were wondering which skate park should you visit and have fun, here are five suggestions.

nyc skateparks

  1. Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA

This skate park is located in Encinitas. Considering that it has a vert ramp that could be visited by the public, there can always be some famous skater enjoying and skating. You can see them in action doing what they know best – skating. It is a lot of fun and it can be easily enjoyed by complete beginners.


  1. Vans Skatepark

If you wish to see a replica of Combi pool, you can find it in Orange. There are precise transitions, exactly as they were before. There are rails, stair sets, banks, ledges as well as the manual pads, with a mini ramp and course for beginner warm-ups. When you wish to take a break and relax, there is a place where you can sit and watch professionals in action.


  1. Venice Beach Skatepark

Venice Bach Skatepark’s location is absolutely amazing since it’s located on the Venice Beach, across the most famous beach town in California. There is a street section with steps, boxes, rails and ramps, as well as the pool, perfect for experienced riders. It is very interesting just to be there, since you can also see all kinds of mimes and musicians performing on the street, amusing the passers-by. It is a very interesting experience that will stay in your memory forever.

skateparks near my location

  1. The Cove Skatepark

The Cove Skatepark is actually a place where popularizing of this sport started. It carries the feel of all those legends learning the basic steps and polishing their skills afterward. Visitors can choose which of the four areas they want to skate on. It will inspire you to create new historical success.


  1. Skatelab

The skatelab was opened two decades ago. There is 20,000 square feet room for mastering the skills of skateboarding. With stair sets, gaps and boxes the fun is absolutely guarantied. Once you get tired, you can visit a museum to learn a little bit more about the history of sport. There is also a Hall of Fame, so you can see all the greatest names in skateboarding.

Hopefully, you will be able to visit all of them, but in the meantime choose the one that seems the most appealing to you. Each and every skate park offers thrill, excitement, fun and plenty of room to rest and take a break.

The Best Skate Park In The World

Thanks to the increase in skating popularity around the Globe, skate parks are now a familiar part of the urban landscape. Do you want to know where the best skate parks are located in the world? Here is our guide to the top five best skating parks in the world. Skatepark Fun


  1. Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, California, USA.

If you are looking for a design or a park which pertains to audacious and varied skating, don’t look further. Lake Cunningham regional skating park has smooth bowls, cradles, thimbles and mega walls on its dedicated street section. This skating park is extremely good and varied with something for everyone. The park has the largest piece of resistance in the world, a huge pipe measuring 21m long and 6.7m wide. The LCRSP is, therefore, the largest skate park in the USA and the world.


  1. The Amazing Square Skate Park, Tokyo, Japan.

It is probably Japans premiere Skate Park. It is frankly huge and offers a massive variation for both street and vert skating. As usual, the park is opened in the evening, providing an ample time for skating after long day work. Skating is also done at night in this park. It has a massive tunnel pipe with a sphere-shaped end that people can ride in if they desire. However, we recommend that you have a little experience before going there or else it would be catastrophic for you.


  1. Kona Skate Park, Jacksonville, S Florida, USA.

It is a skating icon and one of the largest and oldest skating parks still operating within the USA. Its pastel-colored bowls and ramps make it more attractive to the eyes as well as the board. With a more traditional design, Kona offers a great skating opportunity and different obstacles.  Some of its great features include a few hardcore bowls and an old school snake run. Kona is a really friendly skating park and offers a skate camp for newbies.


  1. Vans Skating Park California, USA.

Designed and built by shoe makers, vans skating park is a two dimensional with a beautiful indoor arena dominated by quality wood ramps and a large outdoor area covered in concrete bowls, pools, and verts. The park has varied obstacles from indoor and outdoor street to the huge combi pool, a 3.6m deep concrete bowl with wild transitions.

There is also a pee-wee section for new skaters and also an area of the park which has movable obstacles that enable skaters to find their own lines.


  1. SMP Skate Park, Shanghai, China.

This is China’s largest park and home to the international competition. Spanning nearly 45,000 square feet with a 12,000 square feet viewing area for non-skaters, the SMP is an incredible skating park.  The park is amazing with almost all the unique obstacles you could ever imagine including some interesting bowl sections such as double cup and Mondo bowl.

Even though the above skate parks are considered the best, China is finalizing the construction of the best and largest skate parks in the world.

Benefit Of Skate Park In Your Neighborhood

Skate-parks are places where kids of different age group go for skating. These parks are designed for skateboarding, and we are going to be discussing the benefit of having them around in our local communities. Kids go there to express their individual and athletic skills.

Getting kids to participate in skating can help them develop their self-confidence that would be relevant in every phase of their days.

Majority of skaters are presently skating on the streets, even in the park and also inside abandon factories. Skating in the park is no doubt the safest place for kids to perform their skating skills rather than having them riding on busy streets.

Therefore, when a skate-park is to be built within a local community with the knowledge of the scatters and also involving them in the construction process it gives them the sense of belonging and pride. And the also end up with the following feeling: benefit of a skatepark

Having participated in the building of the park makes them have a joyous feeling of having a park from their hard work.

It will also give them the opportunity to work with local government officials, business leaders, to design a park that they clamor.

It will also give them the opportunities to work with the local police in the community for the achievement of a new skate-park in their locality.

One exciting thing about skating and skateboarding is that it brings community members closer mutually. People of different age group will often be present at a skate-park that functions well.

You can find toddler being overseen by older guardians. Group of teenagers observing their skate and shredding session will also be there. Older guys(boys and girls) will also be found their, as they will be having their skating session with burning passion.


Benefit Of A Well Designed And Built Indoor Skate-park


  • It presents a place for the skaters to challenge themselves and skate safely and also helping them to improve their skating skills.   best skatepark in the world
  • Create rooms for other related sport like bikers and scooters to also participate along site skaters to improve their motor skills.
  • They also entice spectators, skate fans and intending skaters who enjoy seeing skate in a display. This can even be an avenue to raise fund for the park as the spectator could be made to pay for gate fee.
  • Furthermore, it makes the community a youth-friendly place as the activities will attract lots of youth to the park on a regular basis. The skate-park serves as their own and giving them a sense of belonging and also a place for them to express their skills and work on improving it.
  • Skate-park also makes youth healthier and fit. It takes off the mind of youth away from drug abuse and other crime because they will be more occupied with skate-park activities.

It is a necessity in every community because it can reduce crime rate among the youth and also, bridge the gap between the young and old.


Do you love skating but you wouldn’t step in a skate park for the fear of embarrassing yourself or getting yelled at by the pros?

We are here to help you. Here are 8 tips that will definitely come in handy for every beginner in a skate park.

Get the Right Gear

It’s vital that you get a pair of good skates since you will have a hard time using regular shoes at the skate park. Skating shoes are designed with a flat bottom, which is large enough to grip the board. They are also reinforced in specific areas to enhance their durability.

Wear Protective Gear

Skating, especially for beginners, is similar to the first day you ride a bike. You are bound to miss a step and fall a couple of times before you get it right.

Thus, it’s crucial that you always wear a helmet while you are at the skate park. Protective pads, which include knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads are also necessary to protect your body from injuries.

Visit the Skate Park in the Morning

If you are really nervous about skating alongside other people, then morning hours are the perfect time to go practice.

This is because the parks are mostly empty, and you will get all the space you need to go through the basics without wondering if you are embarrassing yourself.


It helps to know other skaters in your area. We also recommend making new friends at the skate park, especially the pros.

Be friendly, say hi and be kind to other skaters. When you know a few people, you will feel comfortable visiting the skate park any time, and you also get to learn a few tricks in the process.

Warming Up Before Every Session

Skating, is just like any other physical exercise, and requires you to warm up before going ham in the skate park.

Stretch and perform other basic exercises to help you loosen up and relax your muscles. This prepares your body for what’s to come, and even when trying out new tricks, you will undergo minimal wipe outs.

Skatepark Guide Beginner


As a beginner, you should take your time learning, and worry less about how you look when in the Skate Park.

It’s crucial that you also get comfortable in your gear and skills before trying out advanced tricks, which may leave you hurt.

Go With the Flow

Each skate park has certain unwritten rules that everyone follows. Try to learn the flow and stick to it. For instance, you can’t stop or sit in the middle of a skate park. If you need to rest, get off the skate park to avoid being in the way of other skaters.

Always Keep Your Head Up

A skate park usually has lots of people, from skaters to bikers, all trying to do their thing. Trust your gut and keep your head up so that you are aware of what’s happening around you at all times.

We also recommend that you wait your turn before skating an obstacle, to reduce incidences of crashing into other people.

Moreover, if your gut tells you to avoid trying out certain tricks so soon, don’t do it. By trusting your gut, you will be able to avoid nasty wipe outs, keep safe and learn in the process.

The above tips will make your experience at the skate park worthwhile. As a beginner, there are so many reasons not to try out new experiences.

The only way you will get better at skating is doing it at the skate park, where you get to practice on your skill, and also learn from other people. Let us know if you have any questions or comments in the section below.


Was formed for the purpose of generating funds to build an outdoor concrete skate park in Willits, California. The facility is publicly owned and free to use by skateboarders, roller skaters, and roller blades (in-line skating).

What started as an idea in 1999, came to full fruition on October 23, 2004 when the park first opened.

WILLITS SKATE PARKAt first glance, the goal of the Willits Skate Park Association may almost seem mundane: to construct the first skate park in Mendocino County.

But the true story of this odyssey goes beyond simply making sure skateboarders in the county have a curvy place to play.

Initially the goal was to build a 10,000 square foot skatepark, at an estimated cost of $200,000, taking approximately two years to complete.

However, with public input the vision grew and decisions were made to construct a “destination park” increasing the size to 18,500 square feet and to incorporate pathways, picnic areas, and landscaping so that more than just skaters could enjoy the park.

This new vision had a price tag that increased to $800,000! Daunting to say the least, especially in a small rural, low-income community. The benefits derived from the process of getting a skatepark built was, potentially, more valuable than the product itself. The efforts of the Willits Skate Park Association and the skate park project have taught local youths a lifelong lesson in the power of perseverance.

WSPA was successful in getting support for the skate park project from the Brooktrails Board of Directors, the Sherwood Valley Tribal Council, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, and our state representatives, Sen.

Wesley Chesbro and Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin. Letters of support for a Willits Skate Park were also received from many local citizens, businesses, and public officials, including Willits Unified School District administrators, Superior Court Judge Cindee Mayfield, Willits Police Chief Ron Caudillo, and the Director of the county Department of Public Health, Marvin Trotter.

The need for a safe, legal facility in Willits for skateboarders, roller skaters and in-line skaters was indicated by the enormous public support the WSPA campaign generated in Willits and throughout the county.

A WSPA survey completed by 1,126 students in the Willits public schools in February 2001 found interest in a skate park was high. 712 skaters said they would use a skate park in Willits regularly; many non-skaters said they thought it was a good idea for the town (many adding that it would “help keep kids out of trouble”), and 54 non-skating students said they’d like to go watch.

Although skateboarding has received much mainstream credibility in recent years, thousands of communities have yet to provide skaters with a place to legally practice their sport of choice. The common skate park-building story in most communities is something like this: a skater gets in trouble (maybe a ticket, maybe a call home from the principal) and complains to his parents that he has no place to skate.

His parents persuade him to write a letter to City Hall, or to attend a city-council meeting. The skater gets some friends together, puts on his cleanest shirt, sits through a boring meeting, and then makes a nervous but respectful plea for a skatepark. City officials, impressed by the courteous request, agree that it’s a good idea and commit to including a skatepark in the next parks-and-recreation budget and designate a central location for the project.

Not in Willits! The twist here is that the Willits Skate Park Association was founded and spearheaded by Adults who were tired of seeing skaters forced to skate unsafely, and illegally.

Eventually, the City of Willits was a major supporter of the skate park and the community attitudes changed and the kids realized that the adults really wanted to help them, and the adults realized that the kids were willing to work hard for this thing they love.

Most important, the kids learned that they actually could accomplish something by working with the system rather than beating their heads against it, or sitting at home complaining about it. They learned how to communicate in a way that encourages adults to listen.

The fundraisers and activities spearheaded by Willits Skate Park Association created a catalyst for binding teenagers, parents, police, politicians, business leaders and civic groups, who got together and pushed for a common cause. That effort alone makes the world a slightly better place. One of the questions raised on a grant application was How will you define success of your project?

The WSPA response was – The Willits Skate Park project will be a success if, on any after-school afternoon or summer day, the park is filled with skateboarders, roller skaters and in-line skaters practicing their sport safely, legally and cooperatively.

Now that the park is built, I invite you to come by the park on that bright sunny day after school or the weekend and see the skaters enjoying this park. What a sight!! Just because the skating portion of the park is built does not mean the WSP has completed its commitment.

The picnic and pathways portion is yet to be built, but with the ongoing efforts of the WSPA Board of Directors, these areas will become reality this summer. WSPA hopes to encourage adult presence by providing inviting, accessible areas – with native plant landscaping and picnic tables – for families and other spectators. WSPA expects skaters and their families from around the county and beyond to travel to the Willits Skate Park.


Willits Skate Park Association Board of Directors:

Nikki Burgess
Nancy Dahlen
Karla Downing
Gerri Gonzales
David Madrigal
Holly Madrigal
Ron Orenstein
Jennifer Poole