Tips for Building the Perfect Skate-Park

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Skateboarding is a sport that’s on the boom. Kids are skateboarding all over the city. The one issue is they are skating on homes, and their boards are causing harm.

For instance, they’re using the stair rails of public buildings, their boards damage the railings, and if peoples place their hands on the railings they get hurt. Skaters do not understand exactly what their boards do; they need someplace to skate where security guards do not chase them.

The Option
The ultimate solution for this problem is to get some more skate parks in the neighborhood. The only difficulty with this is that the local councils in Arizona headed by the Tucson Certified Public Accountant general do not have the money to cover public skate parks. As a result, if more skate parks are made, they’d need to be constructed by private owners.

if you wished to build a skate park, then you might have your pick of the regions. There’s loads of free open area that’s available for sale and you would need to be worried about the competition. Skaters would flock into your skate park since there’s nowhere else they can go skating.

Continue reading for some tips and secrets to building your skate park a hit.

The Ramps
You’ll require plenty of ramps and rails from the park if you’re likely to bring some high skateboarders. The first problem which you’re likely to come across is the way you’re likely to reduce damage to your surfaces since they’ll be precisely the very same substances that is used on public buildings (which skaters have ruined ).

The secret is literally from the materials and the way you’ll treat them. You’ll need to have ramps that is produced from timber, but mostly concrete, along with your railing, will be made from steel.

You might be better leaving the railings bare since in case you paint them, there will be occasions where the paint has scraped off, and they’ll look scruffy. But if you prefer to paint them, then you need to use an excellent premium paint which includes polyurethane, that will shield the surface from harm to a degree.

In spite of the strongest of paints, the paint will scratch eventually. However, if you’ve used polyurethane, then it’s possible to purchase a repairer to be sprayed, and the color is going to be mended. You won’t need to cover the railings to be entirely resurfaced.

You can use the same paint onto the ramps, and it’ll last somewhat longer since the ramps have more contact with the rubber wheels, instead of the wood, or the metallic sockets, which may lead to much more harm.

Many skateboarders will tell you paint ramps causes friction, and consequently, there’s a decrease in speed, but using polyurethane paints, so you can request additional shine, so the surface won’t hinder the speed.

You must aim to have a shop in your skate park. You may start your store, or you’ll be able to charge rent for a different brand to start their shop. Shops that sell skate goods, beverages, and snacks are the most effective in a skate park, which may be an additional way that you earn in the park.

Just make certain the shops can be found close to the reception rather than about the actual park since you don’t desire retail clients to interfere with all the skaters on the ramps and railings.

Plus, as soon as you’re open for a couple of months, you can offer memberships for your regular clients like the ones from the Tucson CPA, and they can receive discounts in the shop.

5 Best Skate Parks in California to Visit

Skateboarding started to develop in California in the middle of the last century. Now is a business worth millions of dollars. Even though it has been popularized around the world, still the heart and soul of this sport are right here, in California. If you were wondering which skate park should you visit and have fun, here are five suggestions.

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  1. Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA

This skate park is located in Encinitas. Considering that it has a vert ramp that could be visited by the public, there can always be some famous skater enjoying and skating. You can see them in action doing what they know best – skating. It is a lot of fun and it can be easily enjoyed by complete beginners.


  1. Vans Skatepark

If you wish to see a replica of Combi pool, you can find it in Orange. There are precise transitions, exactly as they were before. There are rails, stair sets, banks, ledges as well as the manual pads, with a mini ramp and course for beginner warm-ups. When you wish to take a break and relax, there is a place where you can sit and watch professionals in action.


  1. Venice Beach Skatepark

Venice Bach Skatepark’s location is absolutely amazing since it’s located on the Venice Beach, across the most famous beach town in California. There is a street section with steps, boxes, rails and ramps, as well as the pool, perfect for experienced riders. It is very interesting just to be there, since you can also see all kinds of mimes and musicians performing on the street, amusing the passers-by. It is a very interesting experience that will stay in your memory forever.

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  1. The Cove Skatepark

The Cove Skatepark is actually a place where popularizing of this sport started. It carries the feel of all those legends learning the basic steps and polishing their skills afterward. Visitors can choose which of the four areas they want to skate on. It will inspire you to create new historical success.


  1. Skatelab

The skatelab was opened two decades ago. There is 20,000 square feet room for mastering the skills of skateboarding. With stair sets, gaps and boxes the fun is absolutely guarantied. Once you get tired, you can visit a museum to learn a little bit more about the history of sport. There is also a Hall of Fame, so you can see all the greatest names in skateboarding.

Hopefully, you will be able to visit all of them, but in the meantime choose the one that seems the most appealing to you. Each and every skate park offers thrill, excitement, fun and plenty of room to rest and take a break.

How Skating In The Skate Park Improves Fitness

When you imagine skating, you probably might visualize an individual on roller blades, walking across the sidewalks and boardwalks around the skating.

At least, that’s what you see in movies, right? However, the reality is that skating can be done virtually anywhere, even in your local community provided the terrain is good enough. It is not only a fun activity but also has great and plenty of health benefits including body fitness.

In this article, I am going to talk about how skating helps improve your fitness. Here are some of the ways skating improve fitness.Skate fitness training

  1. Skating Is As Great As A Training Exercise

Skating is similar to running or jogging with regards to health improvements and calorie intake, lowering of excess fat, and development of healthy legs. So should you be looking for an exercise to help keep you fit and in good shape throughout the off-season, grab a pair of roller skates and get on the move.

  1. Skating Builds Strength

Skating aids in building strength, especially in the muscle tissues of the lower body. The hip, thigh, butt and calf muscles work together throughout skating to push you forward and maintain stability. More powerful muscles as well as better coordination work in hand to avert injuries and keep you fit as you age.

  1. Weight Loss

The buildup of calories and fats in your body will result in an increase in weight which at times leads to obesity even to sports personalities. However, skating helps promote weight loss by burning fats and calories as well as toning body muscles, which will shed more unhealthy calories than fat within their resting status.

According to research, roller skating for about 30 minutes three times per week can get rid of up to 750 calories in that week and facilitate weight loss which in turn helps to keep you fit. And talking about losing weight, taking well proven fat burning pills like those reviewed on phenq vs phen375 weight-loss supplements with worldwide reputation for female and male folks is very helpful.

  1. Skating Increases Muscle Endurance.

Apart from enhancing muscle strength, skating also aids in boosting muscle endurance. By performing a few uphill climbs to each of your skating programs trains the muscles, together with your heart, to utilize the body’s energy stores more efficiently. As you continue skating and building the endurance capability, you become fit, and this means you can perform specific activities for a much longer time or distances without being fatigued.

  1. Skating Releases Stress

Skating, as an engaging, as it is, is an enjoyable approach to exercise and reduce pressure. As you make your way across the skating park, it becomes a thrilling moment to clear your mind of anything that has been bothering you for some time or even enjoying ample time with your friends and family. As your physical fitness improves, your mental fitness also improves as you focus entirely, react to the changing surroundings and promote self-confidence.

There are numerous ways in which skating can help improve your fitness apart from the above mention ways. It is therefore essential that you practice skating if you want to improve your physical and mental fitness in a much more enjoyable way.

The Best Skate Park In The World

Thanks to the increase in skating popularity around the Globe, skate parks are now a familiar part of the urban landscape. Do you want to know where the best skate parks are located in the world? Here is our guide to the top five best skating parks in the world. Skatepark Fun


  1. Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, California, USA.

If you are looking for a design or a park which pertains to audacious and varied skating, don’t look further. Lake Cunningham regional skating park has smooth bowls, cradles, thimbles and mega walls on its dedicated street section. This skating park is extremely good and varied with something for everyone. The park has the largest piece of resistance in the world, a huge pipe measuring 21m long and 6.7m wide. The LCRSP is, therefore, the largest skate park in the USA and the world.


  1. The Amazing Square Skate Park, Tokyo, Japan.

It is probably Japans premiere Skate Park. It is frankly huge and offers a massive variation for both street and vert skating. As usual, the park is opened in the evening, providing an ample time for skating after long day work. Skating is also done at night in this park. It has a massive tunnel pipe with a sphere-shaped end that people can ride in if they desire. However, we recommend that you have a little experience before going there or else it would be catastrophic for you.


  1. Kona Skate Park, Jacksonville, S Florida, USA.

It is a skating icon and one of the largest and oldest skating parks still operating within the USA. Its pastel-colored bowls and ramps make it more attractive to the eyes as well as the board. With a more traditional design, Kona offers a great skating opportunity and different obstacles.  Some of its great features include a few hardcore bowls and an old school snake run. Kona is a really friendly skating park and offers a skate camp for newbies.


  1. Vans Skating Park California, USA.

Designed and built by shoe makers, vans skating park is a two dimensional with a beautiful indoor arena dominated by quality wood ramps and a large outdoor area covered in concrete bowls, pools, and verts. The park has varied obstacles from indoor and outdoor street to the huge combi pool, a 3.6m deep concrete bowl with wild transitions.

There is also a pee-wee section for new skaters and also an area of the park which has movable obstacles that enable skaters to find their own lines.


  1. SMP Skate Park, Shanghai, China.

This is China’s largest park and home to the international competition. Spanning nearly 45,000 square feet with a 12,000 square feet viewing area for non-skaters, the SMP is an incredible skating park.  The park is amazing with almost all the unique obstacles you could ever imagine including some interesting bowl sections such as double cup and Mondo bowl.

Even though the above skate parks are considered the best, China is finalizing the construction of the best and largest skate parks in the world.

Benefit Of Skate Park In Your Neighborhood

Skate-parks are places where kids of different age group go for skating. These parks are designed for skateboarding, and we are going to be discussing the benefit of having them around in our local communities. Kids go there to express their individual and athletic skills.

Getting kids to participate in skating can help them develop their self-confidence that would be relevant in every phase of their days.

Majority of skaters are presently skating on the streets, even in the park and also inside abandon factories. Skating in the park is no doubt the safest place for kids to perform their skating skills rather than having them riding on busy streets.

Therefore, when a skate-park is to be built within a local community with the knowledge of the scatters and also involving them in the construction process it gives them the sense of belonging and pride. And the also end up with the following feeling: benefit of a skatepark

Having participated in the building of the park makes them have a joyous feeling of having a park from their hard work.

It will also give them the opportunity to work with local government officials, business leaders, to design a park that they clamor.

It will also give them the opportunities to work with the local police in the community for the achievement of a new skate-park in their locality.

One exciting thing about skating and skateboarding is that it brings community members closer mutually. People of different age group will often be present at a skate-park that functions well.

You can find toddler being overseen by older guardians. Group of teenagers observing their skate and shredding session will also be there. Older guys(boys and girls) will also be found their, as they will be having their skating session with burning passion.


Benefit Of A Well Designed And Built Indoor Skate-park


  • It presents a place for the skaters to challenge themselves and skate safely and also helping them to improve their skating skills.   best skatepark in the world
  • Create rooms for other related sport like bikers and scooters to also participate along site skaters to improve their motor skills.
  • They also entice spectators, skate fans and intending skaters who enjoy seeing skate in a display. This can even be an avenue to raise fund for the park as the spectator could be made to pay for gate fee.
  • Furthermore, it makes the community a youth-friendly place as the activities will attract lots of youth to the park on a regular basis. The skate-park serves as their own and giving them a sense of belonging and also a place for them to express their skills and work on improving it.
  • Skate-park also makes youth healthier and fit. It takes off the mind of youth away from drug abuse and other crime because they will be more occupied with skate-park activities.

It is a necessity in every community because it can reduce crime rate among the youth and also, bridge the gap between the young and old.



8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Summer – Pacific Daylight Time)


Helmets, knee and elbow pads are required by all persons using the park. Skating and skateboarding is allowed in designated areas only.

Willits Skatepark is closed during inclement weather (rain, hail, snow and other severe weather conditions that are considered unsafe by the City of Willits).

No food or drink in skate area.

BMX bikes, scooters, movable ramps, jumps and other moveable obstacles are not allowed in the skate area.

Prohibited in the park: Drugs, alcohol or being under the influence of suc; fighting or other violent activities; firearms, knives or other weapons; smoking or use of tobacco products.

Graffiti or vandalism will result in park closure.
Click to see this complete rules sign posted at park


The City of Willits is a member Redwood Municipal Insurance Foundation. For claims emanating from injuries at the skatepark, the deductible is $25,000. For non-skatepark claims the deductible is $10,000 per claim. REMIF has not had any major claims from any of its member cities with skateparks (Healdsburg, Arcata, Sonoma, etc) or reports of other major problems.

The creation of skateparks invokes possible City tort liability in the area of premises liability. The City’s responsibilities include maintenance and inspections to keep the premises in a safe condition.


Mailing Address:

Willits Skate Park Association, Inc.
75 N Main Street, PMB 214
Willits, CA 95490

Phone: (707) 459-4605