Guide on Building a Skateboard Ramp the Simple Way

If you are thinking of making your own simple skateboard ramp, then here are some general guides to make one:

Conceptualize your ramp

First things first, before dwelling on the technical aspect of your simple ramp, you must first conceptualize ramp you want, particularly what style. Find a place where you want your ramp to be and decide for yourself what kind of ramp you want in accordance for your space.

Quarter-pipe ramps, vert ramps, mini-ramps, and half-pipes are just some of the ramps you may want to consider putting in your space. There are a lot more kinds of ramps to choose from and the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Design Your Ramp

Next up is to design your ramp and this is where the technical things come into play. Creating a ramp may require precise blueprints and precise instruments which means that if you have no background or experience in planning and engineering structures then you amy have a hard time doing this.

Fear not however because there are a lot of tutorials out there that can help you design these things. Furthermore, if you have connections to architects or engineers perhaps yu can ask for a skateboard ramps

Buy the necessary Materials

You’ve conceptualized and you’ve turned your ideas into paper so the next thing to do is to prepare for creating the ramp itself. Before heading on to the workshop and getting your hands dirty, you have to buy the necessary materials first.

Based on your ramp design, you should be able to buy the right materials that you’ll need such as the plywood, nails, and others. Furthermore, the necessary tools should also be used.

Ask/Hire Someone to Help You

Finally, before making the ramp itself, make sure that you’ll have the right people to help you. If you are experienced in building wood works like the ramp then all you may need is a trustee assistant.

On the other hand, if you cannot call yourself an expert in the job then you may need to call one to give you a hand. But if you think you can do it yourself confidently, then by all means, do it but with extreme caution and precision.

These four things are just general guides and outlines to help you with your work. There are more things to consider when making your simple ramp so be sure to do your homework and just prioritize your safety over anything.

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